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A Short Sample Video

More about Foundational Development

Without a solid Foundation, it's hard to have something stable that you continue to build on.  

Whether it's starting a colt, developing an independent seat, or helping your horse overcome a behavioral issue, you can't overlook the power of a great foundation.

In this short video, James talks about what a solid foundation is in our program.

More about Freedom Development

Playing at Liberty, or Freedom, with your horse is truly an inspiring experience.  

When your horse chooses to connect with you, you can't help but feel a little special.  

Check out this quick video to get an idea of how we look at Freedom Development.

More about Focus Development

So many times advanced riding gets a rider and horse confused and bunched up.  

The most common reason for this is confusion. A little clarity goes a long ways when it comes to learning more about advanced riding.  

Don't go it alone, and develop bad habits and mistakes. Check out this quick video to get some ideas on how to become a better rider and a better horseman for your horse!
Our Philosophy
Cooler Horsemanship is a form of natural horsemanship developed in the early '90's which focuses on helping horse owners create an understanding and friendship with their horse. Emphasizing three main goals - staying safe, having fun and learning, Cooler Horsemanship opens the door for all horse owners to progress to levels they've only dreamed about with their equine partner.

Based on the ATRUM Method, Cooler Horsemanship teaches much more than just 'how' to make horses do what is expected of them. It focuses on understanding 'why' horses do what they do by teaching an awareness of how they think, communicate, and learn. In learning to see things from the horse's point of view, horse owners can begin to work together with their horse to create the partnership everyone strives for.

By recognizing and developing the key elements of ATRUM - Attention, Trust, Respect, Understanding and Motivation - horse owners learn to break down their horse training experience into managable lessons, which can later be combined to accomplish any goal they set for themselves and their horse.

Run by James and Kate Cooler, Cooler Horsemanship is operated throughout North Carolina and the surrounding states and is also available to travel to you.

Our Mission
Our mission is to empower owners of all horse breeds and disciplines by teaching the knowledge and skills needed to build a relationship of willing cooperation with their horse, based on mutual attention, trust, respect, understanding and motivation.

Our History
Cooler Horsemanship was developed by Don Cooler in the early 1990’s. Having dedicated himself to studying a number of top horsemanship trainers and working with hundreds of horses, Don developed the set of philosophies and techniques that eventually became known as the ATRUM Method.

Originally an Emergency Room doctor, Don saw many horse related injuries - some even resulting in death. An avid horseman, as well, his knowledge of horses and the horsemanship techniques he practiced lead him to believe many of the injuries he saw could have been prevented. Knowing that sharing his knowledge might prevent accidents and possibly save lives, Don was motivated to take his knowledge of horses and horsemanship to the public. Hence the birth of Cooler Horsemanship.

Don and his family spent over a decade traveling throughout the West and teaching the ATRUM Method in their Natural Horsemanship Clinics. The clinics were very popular, especially with youth groups, and the experience of meeting many wonderful horses and their owners proved to be an unforgettable time in their lives. Sadly, in 2002, Don was diagnosed with cancer and after fighting for nearly two years, passed away in 2004. His legacy, however, lives on.

Today, Cooler Horsemanship is proudly carried on by Don's son, James, and James' wife, Kate. Both are passionate about their love of horses and enjoy sharing their time and talents with anyone who is interested in learning more about the ATRUM Method and Cooler Natural Horsemanship