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Our clinics are designed to help people and horses reach their potential in a relationship together. Horsemanship is a vast subject. With clear guidance, clarity can be found and dreams can be achieved.  

~ Kate and James Cooler

 James at (843) 227-2120  
Kate at (843) 304-3407
We offer services in a number of areas regarding horsemanship.

We can put together a customized event that is tailored to your requests.
  •  Colt Starting
  •  Green Horses
  •  Foundation Development
  •  Trail Riding and Obstacles
  •  Behavioral Issues
  •  Liberty
  •  Collection and Body Control
Please check back as this schedule will be updated over the next few weeks as we iron out the details of each clinic and demonstration.
May 11th:
  - Ridgeland, SC
  - Triple Seven Ranch 
  - Horsemanship Demonstration and Horsemanship Sessions
  - More Info: Click Here

June 14th - 16th:
  - Jessie’s Run
  - Harrison, TN
  - Two-day horsemanship clinic focused on blending our program with your goals.
  - Visit to learn more about our program and our clinics.
  - For more information, contact: Cindy Ward. Call or Text 423 645-7278.

Learn Horsemanship in Three Stages of Development
We often get asked what do we focus on in our clinics.

The easy answer is whatever you need or want to work on.

Our goal is to help you apply horse psychology and our program to your goals.

So if it's colt starting, a certain issue like trailer loading or ground manners, liberty work, or advanced riding, we can help you connect the dots of horsemanship.

Building a relationship with your horse doesn't have to be difficult. Especially with some help and guidance. 

We break our program down into three simple categories so we can accelerate your learning process.
Foundation Development
A solid Foundation sets the stage for you to achieve your goals.
Freedom Development
Let Freedom ring in the relationship with your horse!
Focus Development
If you want to achieve a higher level of horsemanship in your riding, then it takes Focus.