The Complete Horseman's Guide
You don't have to know everything to be a Complete Horseman.

Do you feel overwhelmed with the thought of everything there is to learn about horsemanship?

It's a common feeling.  But the good news is, you don't have to know everything.  

You only need to know what it takes to achieve your goals for you and your horse.  

And that's what this guide is designed to do.

Help you discover and achieve your horsemanship goals.
Previously, this information was broken down into 7 books:
Authentic Horsemanship
Self Development
Horse Psychology
Foundation Development
Flexion In Motion
Freedom Development
Focus Development
Now You Can Have It All In One Book!
And along with it, you can get direct email access so we can discuss your goals, and keep you on track with the exercises you should be focused on.
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